March 16, 2022

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Newcastle kitchen designers, Bespoke Interiors, take a look at one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands for luxury kitchens: Sub-Zero refrigerators.

Sub-Zero invented dual, built-in refrigeration in 1943 in America, and their products have stood the test of time since with the ultimate in innovation, reliability, and luxury.

Sub-Zero fridge-freezers were the first to use separate sealed systems that provide the optimum cooling for both refrigeration and freezing your food to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. The classic aesthetic of the luxury refrigerators and striking designs make these products a top choice for high-end homes.

Food preservation

You may think that all fridges function the same, but Sub-Zero stands out. Its unique technology is not just refrigeration, it is a purpose-made ‘food preservation system.’

Have you ever had an ice cube that just tastes ‘off’ or found that your freezer smelt of the leftover food in your fridge? That’s because in many conventional refrigerators, the air is circulated between both fridge and freezer.

Sub-Zero refrigerators use separate air filtration systems between the fridge and freezer, and the humidity levels of each are optimised to prevent freezer burn and to keep fresh food moist in the fridge.

Reliable and long lasting

Sub-Zero refrigerators are made to stand the test of time. They are created with the highest quality materials and fine craftmanship and undergo rigorous testing to ensure the product performs efficiently for at least 20 years.


Sub-Zero fridges are designed with an antimicrobial air purification system used by no other than NASA. The system helps to prevent mould, eliminate bacteria, and removes contaminants from the water filtration system.

Types of Sub-Zero refrigerators

There is plenty of choice when it comes to your Sub-Zero fridge-freezer in your bespoke kitchen. Choose a classic American style look or an integrated option, and stainless steel, glass, or cabinet doors.

Sub-Zero wine coolers

Sub-Zero also have innovative and luxurious wine coolers that not only help preserve your investments but also complement your kitchen design to the highest standard.

Their protective features fight the factors that might harm your precious wines, including heat, UV light, humidity, and vibration, in order to preserve every bit of your wine’s character and quality.

Wolf Kitchen Appliances

In 2000, Sub-Zero acquired Wolf, a leader in commercial cooking appliances since 1933. Watch this space for a feature on their ovens, hobs and other high end appliances!

Would you like to learn more about different types of Sub-Zero refrigerators or begin planning the design of your kitchen with a Sub-Zero fridge? Get in touch with our kitchen design team or visit our Newcastle kitchen showroom for a friendly chat!

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