March 22, 2022

Think about it like a hybrid utility room: a bootility room combines the clever storage solutions of a utility room and the practicality of bespoke cabinetry – we have to say we are kind of obsessed with this kitchen trend!

Unlike a conventional utility room, the chic bootility room offers you a storage room for multifunctional living where you can store all your essential domestic items with added shelves and seating to store muddy boots, raincoats, and your pet’s accessories.

Here are some tips on how to create a handy bootility room in your home:

Add bespoke storage

We recommend adding bespoke storage with lots of open shelving for easy access to hats, countryside equipment and other accessories. Your boot room should be the epitome of storage goals with secret storage, custom cupboards, overheard shelves, and built-in compartments to make the most of the space.

We pride ourselves in our unique and creative storage solutions. We can manufacture and install custom furniture that takes advantage of the shape and practicality of your utility room, however large or small.

Add a bench

You cannot have a bootility room without a bench! The addition of a bench is what gives a simple utility room a cosy feel and creates a little area where all the family can perch while removing their wellies.

The bench can also be used for extra storage with custom built-in sections or by placing wicker baskets underneath it.

Add custom cabinets

Give your utility double function with tailored cabinetry that will help create a seamless combination of a utility room and a boot room. We recommend a mixture of concealed cabinets for hiding your laundry detergents and full height cabinets for stacking your appliances. This frees up floor space while also making it easier to do the washing.

Match your bootility cabinet doors with those of your kitchen for a smooth flow between the two rooms.

Made-to-measure units can also give you extra space to store wine and treats that you like to keep out of easy reach but also not too far, if you know what we mean!

Consider your furry friends

Create a pet-friendly bootility room by adding a custom-designed pet shower or deep sink so you can quickly wash off those muddy paws and prevent outdoor dirt from entering the kitchen and main living areas. You can also integrate dog beds and dedicated storage space for all your pet’s accessories.

Creating a bootility room will make your life so much easier. You will be able to remove some clutter from your kitchen and will prevent dirt coming directly into your house. Bespoke Interiors can design your bootility to be practical while reflecting your personal style to create consistency with your home’s interior.

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