April 20, 2021

The natural beauty of copper can add an element of whimsy to your bespoke kitchen design.

Discover how our kitchen designers have incorporated this warm metal into our recent projects for some inspiration on how you could use copper in your kitchen:

Copper complements many materials

Copper comes in many colours and finishes that can fit in any kitchen design, from traditional to modern.

The use of polished copper adds warmth to industrial style kitchens, whereas stainless steel can make a space feel colder. Traditional kitchens with wooden worktops can work well with weathered, antique copper to create a rustic vibe, and it looks great next to both exposed brick and smooth white surfaces.

It gives your kitchen a Nordic feel

Often used in Scandinavian kitchen design, copper looks stunning in minimalistic, light and airy kitchens. Choose a smooth, polished copper accent like the kitchen tap, pendant lights and/or stools.

Copper enhances dark materials

Trendy dark tones that can occasionally appear somewhat harsh can be warmed with the use of copper – think matt black cabinets with luxurious copper handles, or heavy timber units with rustic copper bolts.

The subtle glow of copper can brighten up the space and reflect light to make the room feel larger.

Copper is a high quality material

Copper is a very practical choice for your kitchen as it has natural antimicrobial properties. It resists bacteria more effectively than stainless steel, so it’s a perfect choice for your sink, tap and worktop.

Copper ages beautifully

As copper oxidises over time and reacts with the moisture and oxygen in the room, it becomes even more beautiful and deep.

The copper units in your home could develop a more solid colour and even begin showing hints of green and purple, adding an elegant dimension to your kitchen.

Choose high quality copper pieces

Copper is always on-trend because it’s a naturally beautiful material that brightens up your home.

It’s important to choose statement pieces made from good copper so that you can benefit from the longevity of their function and appearance. Avoid mass produced, cheaper copper pieces that won’t stand the test of time.

Get in touch with our design team to discuss how we could incorporate copper into your kitchen design!

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