April 12, 2021

Stunning Scandinavian style spaces

Explore the principles of Scandinavian design and learn how to incorporate hygge into your bespoke kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom with this overview of the Scandi style:

Minimalist, light and natural are the cosy aesthetic of Scandinavian interior design. The aim is to create a space that is functional and sleek yet cosy. This is achieved using crisp white walls, incorporating natural lighting and wooden accents and by designing a home interior that is decluttered, comfortable and modern.

Here are some of the primary principles and characteristics of Scandinavian design:

Natural, light tones

We create bright, soothing spaces by using natural neutral colours like white, cream, tan or grey. Add in a pop of cool colour like a rich blue or copper accent, or break up areas with a bit of black.

Keep it simple

Less is more in traditional Scandinavian design, so our designers always aim to create a minimalistic aesthetic. We incorporate plenty of storage so that spaces won’t feel cluttered and rather than bold features, we opt for small details that add a subtle touch of luxury.

 Take advantage of natural lighting & modern light fixtures

Lighting is considered a life source in Scandinavian culture, so it is important that your spaces are very well illuminated. Centre your home design around letting natural light in as much as possible and utilise modern, industrial metal style lighting to brighten up all corners of the room.

Use wooden accents and add greenery

Bring nature indoors with the use of light wooden accents in ash, pine or beech. Keep it soft with smooth, round edges. Add a touch of colour and a natural element with plenty of house plants.

Finish off your bespoke kitchen or bedroom design with your choice of sleek geometric prints, fur throws and a comfy area rug.

Bespoke Interiors designs bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms throughout Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland, and the North East. We are offering a remote design service to continue to provide service to those wishing to refurbish and renovate while practicing safe social distancing. Contact us to discuss your project!

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