December 16, 2020

Most of us dream about having a large bathroom yet bathrooms tend to be one of the smaller spaces in our homes. It’s often seen as a challenge to transform a tiny bathroom into a relaxing and practical place, but with a few simple tricks you can convert your bathroom into a functional yet beautiful room.

Mirrored Walls

Why have a tiny mirror when you can have a full mirrored wall? Small mirrors are a thing of the past – whilst there are obvious vanity-based benefits, mirrored walls also give the illusion of a larger room by reflecting the space.

Glass showers

Shower curtains are often a single solid colour which can create a visual wall which can feel and look claustrophobic. Choosing a glass shower will open your space and if you’re bothered about privacy you could opt for frosted glass!

Light up your life

Add lights behind your mirror. This is an easy way to amplify the light in your room and to give the impression it is larger than you think.

Choose pale colours

Whilst you might be a big fan of colour, the rumours are true: lighter colours do trick us into thinking a room is bigger. This is because white doesn’t absorb light, it reflects the natural light of your room.

Storage solutions

We’re all guilty of cluttering surfaces with products, but decluttering and hiding away your lotions and potions will instantly make a difference and give a minimalist appearance to your room.

Go bespoke

The best decision for a small bathroom is to choose a bespoke design. Bespoke bathrooms are designed specifically for your space: think showers that fit under sloping roofs and innovative storage solutions.

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