December 14, 2020

Many homeowners have a pantry at the top of their want list when looking for a house. A kitchen pantry is the perfect place to store your groceries.

When it comes to pantry design, the area should be big enough to store a weeks’ worth of groceries and be located close enough to the kitchen for convenience. Whilst size does matter when it comes to pantries, a bespoke kitchen can allow you a pantry even in the smallest of spaces.

Important characteristics

When you’re grabbing ingredients from your pantry, they should be easily accessible without having to rotate your products.

A good pantry should be easily accessible from your food preparation area. A pantry room can seem appealing but wandering across the house to retrieve ingredients can be a nightmare.

Pantries should be organised and efficient: upon opening your pantry door you should be able to see all your groceries with just one glance.

Different types of pantries

Reach in pantry:
Don’t be fooled by the outside, a reach in pantry is much more than just a big cupboard. The doors are often known as bat wings, featuring extra storage on the inside. The best thing about this kind of pantry is the accessibility factor, often having shallow shelves showcasing all your products.

Walk in pantry:
If space is an issue, a walk-in pantry is not for you – merely a dream for most but walk-in pantries have a lot of downsides. A food hoarder’s dream and efficient for big families, walk in pantries can be hard to organise and are often located a short walk from the kitchen.

Pull out pantry:
You can access this type of pantry from both sides, disguised usually as a cupboard, this style is often favoured with many. Pull out pantries can often be more expensive as the doors need to glide to prevent damage to your groceries.

If you have any questions about pantries or would like to check out some of our kitchen designs, you can pop down to our showroom. Alternatively you can email with any questions.

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