September 16, 2020

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can seem a daunting task and choosing the worktop can prove one of the most difficult decisions. It is also too easy to settle for a worktop that looks good without acknowledging usability factors.

Discover why Dekton is a great choice for your home’s worktops:

The composition of Dekton is made up of a blend of raw materials including glass, porcelain and quartz offering a combination of the best qualities from each. The ingenious material is available in over 50 different colours offering multiple choices for your space.

Dekton is extremely innovative and perfect for bathroom and kitchen worktops. Here are some advantages:

UV Resistance

As it’s highly resistant to Ultraviolet light, Dekton will not fade when exposed to sunlight. This makes it a great choice for bright and airy rooms and both indoor and outdoor applications.

Forget scratches

It’s a clumsy cook’s dream! Whilst we still recommend using chopping boards, Dekton happens to be one of the most scratch-resistant surfaces on the market.

Stain resistant

Dekton is stain proof: even the toughest stains like wine and rust are easily removed from a Dekton surface. The reason behind this is its low porosity, making it chemically resistant – even from the scarier chemicals like drain cleaners.

Heat and fire resistant

Whilst placing a pan on a worktop is advised against, Dekton can withstand high temperatures without cracking or burning. This can increase the longevity of your worktop.

Abrasion resistant

Forget wear and tear: the finish on a Dekton surface will last the lifetime of the product. This also makes it a great choice for flooring.

It’s waterproof

Finally, Dekton is of course waterproof unlike many other popular worktop materials. Water glides seamlessly off the surfaces making it easy to clean.

If you have any questions about Dekton surfaces or would like to check out some of our kitchen designs, you can pop down to our showroom. Alternatively you can email with any questions.

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