September 24, 2020

In a society centred around a good cup of tea, a kettle may seem like a staple item for the kitchen, but what if there is something better, safer, and more efficient?

A Quooker tap is the appliance on every kitchen designer’s list because it’s known as the ‘tap that does it all’. Here are some reasons why you should make the transition:

Boiling water available 24/7

Imagine how much time you would save if you didn’t have to boil a kettle. Do you enjoy a coffee first thing in the morning? What about a cup of cocoa before bed? Not to mention how much time you would save cooking. With a Quooker tap you have constant access to boiling water up to 100 degrees.

It has safety features

Whilst kettles may seem safer than hot water coming from a tap, they’re actually not. The Quooker tap not only has a child safety option, it won’t dispense boiling water without being pressed twice and twisted. The water dispensed from the tap is droplets rather than a stream of boiling water which can prevent serious burns.

Chilled and sparkling water from your tap

When it’s a hot day, nothing quenches your thirst like a cold glass of water, installing a CUBE onto your Quooker tap not only offers you a stream of chilled water but you can also have sparkling water dispensed straight from your tap.

Energy saving

Awarded energy label A, a Quooker is one of the most energy efficient appliances you can have in your household. The tank features a thermos flask, so once the tank empties it fills up again conserving the heat. You can choose from multiple tank options to suit your needs.


A Quooker tap uses less energy because unlike a kettle, you only use the amount of hot water you need. The tank keeps the water hot without using much energy and with chilled and sparkling water features there is no need to buy as many plastic bottle products.

It takes up no extra space in your kitchen

Forget having to upgrade your kettle every year and forget cluttered kitchen worktops. A Quooker tap is one less appliance to take up room and get in the way. A Quooker tap is the perfect appliance for those who dream of the coveted clear worktop.

If you would like to find out more about the Quooker tap or our bespoke kitchen designs, you can come and visit our showroom. Alternatively, you can check out our remote design service or drop us an email to if you have any questions.

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