Remote Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Design Service

Welcome to Bespoke Interiors Remote Design page and thank you for taking an interest in this service. 

Lets start by telling you a little about how this service works. 

Reasons to use the service 

We are currently under social distancing restrictions and as part of those restrictions, all non-essential businesses have closed. This includes kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showrooms.

We are however going to get through this and when we do, life will return to normal. The idea behind this remote service is to start, progress and finalise the design process and pricing for your future kitchen, bedroom and bathroom projects. 

We may be at home for a number of weeks or even months and planning changes to your home may help pass the time and we hope our remote design service will help you achieve those goals.   

How does it work? 

1. Obtaining measurements 

The process will work in a similar way to our normal design service with the exception being your room dimensions will be provided by you and not your designer. Unsure how to draw a room plan? Don't worry, below you will see 3 dummy rooms that we sketched out to illustrate what measurements are needed. 

As you can see from our sketches, the drawings can be free hand and don't have to be to scale

 As you can see from the measurements noted on the plan, we prefer to work in millimetres but we are happy if you want to use centimetres

Once you have drawn out the room, all you need to do is take a photo of the plans and email them to

Please include your contact details including name, telephone number and address 

We will email you to confirm receipt of your plans and forward you a short questionnaire with all relevant design questions for you to complete and return via email. After that, our designers take over the process

We will also send a project manager to double check the measurements provided as soon as the restrictions are lifted so the furniture will still be manufactured to our final measurements. 

2. Design process 

Our designers will work with the measurements and design spec you provide us with and transform them into stunningly realistic 3D plans of your chosen kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. 

We will give a design presentation via online screen sharing which will allow us to discuss and amend your design remotely meaning there will be no need to leave your home to work with your designer.



3. Pricing 

Once the design has been finalised, our designers will discuss material options with you and give you an estimate based on those choices.

4. Placing the order 

When the social restrictions are lifted, we will ask you to call into our Newcastle showroom to meet the designer you have been dealing with in person and make your final choice of materials once you have been able to see, touch and feel the actual products.

You will then receive your final price and the order for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom can be placed.   

We hope you find this service useful and look forward to hearing from you soon.