November 14, 2023

We have been seeing the Japandi interior design all over our screens and it got us all excited to talk about this beautiful aesthetic that combines two of the greatest influences in interior design. The Japandi design takes its influences from modern Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism.

At its core, the Japandi-style interior design is about creating a relaxing space and homely feel with a natural palette and materials. It’s all about less is more!

Bring Japandi style inspiration into your home with our following tips:

Keep it natural!

The key feature used in Japandi interior designs are earthy, natural materials for furniture, décor, and textiles. Wood, bamboo, stone, linen, cotton, terracotta, and concrete are just a few of the materials that you can use.

Keep the colours of the natural furnishings similar for a more fresh, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing room.

Muted colour palettes

As mentioned in our previous tip, keeping neutral tones and a limited colour palette offers that Japandi zen-like feel. Muted colour palettes act as a blank canvas, allowing specific furniture or decorations to take centre stage.

Coming from its Scandinavian roots, neutrality also makes your interior design seem brighter and allows you to play around with materials such as knits, leathers, and crochets.

Open and clean lines

japandi kitchen

Openness and clean lines are Japandi design hallmarks. Your focus should be to create clean, straight lines with no obstructions. We see this in both modern Japanese and Scandinavian designs that pay attention to clean, comfortable layouts rather than overly decorated and styled spaces.

Don’t worry about your home feeling too clinical – this is exactly why we love the Japandi Interior design, although it has features of the crisp Scandinavian design it also combines the earthy and richer Japanese materials that together create a peaceful sanctuary.

Zero clutter

Japandi is all about having zero clutter and a stress-free environment for practicality and peace. For example, when we create a Japandi-style kitchen we use earthy materials, clean lines, and handless cabinets with a lot of space so everything is kept inside, and counters can be free of unnecessary items.

Use natural built-ins, folding screens, and hand-made bamboo container boxes to store items and to keep in Japandi theme.


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