August 8, 2022

The hues in your home create an atmosphere that is distinctly yours, and the colour choices you make can influence your daily life, emotions, and mood. Colour psychology tells us about how certain colours impact feelings – here are some ideas for decorating your bespoke kitchen, bedroom and living spaces by using colour psychology:

Cheerful yellow

Yellow is known for being the happiest colour: the colour of the sun and bright flowers can cheer you up and create an exciting atmosphere. Yellow rooms can inspire creativity and optimism, so it’s a lovely colour choice or a home office or kitchen. Try to avoid using bright yellows in the bedroom as it may be too energetic for a space where rest is important. Use a matt finish to keep the vibe happy yet chill.

Green interiors

Using natural shades of green in your home design can bring the outdoors in and create an atmosphere that reflects growth, life, and serenity. Add houseplants and layer hues of green  throughout your home to create an environment that feels organic and calm.

White home design

Sleek, clean, and innocent white interiors will stand the test of time. Incorporate glamorous white countertops in elegant textures and decorate with white cupboards for a simplistic and homey feel.

Warm shades

Cosy reds, pinks and oranges are excellent accent colours in the home. These warm shades are bold, adventurous, and fun, so they are best used minimally with pops of colour against more neutral tones. Reds and oranges are often associated with food, so are great in the kitchen, and feminine pink is a lovely choice for a comfortable bedroom ambiance.

Black interiors

Black represents power, elegance, and stability. It is an excellent choice for versatile kitchen designs, and can be used in all styles, from modern to traditional. Pair black with clean whites, natural elements, or pops of colour to create a unique kitchen design.

Blue kitchens

Blue kitchen designs in all shades are all the rage at the moment. Blue is modern, calming, and luxurious. Use darker tones for a more glamorous vibe in your bespoke kitchen or office, and lighter blues that represent clear skies for restful rooms.

Are you ready to transform your home with a bespoke kitchen, bedroom, living room, home office or utility room? We can provide an unlimited selection of colours, finishes, and materials, allowing you to create interiors that are truly unique. Get in touch to discuss your design ideas!

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