April 5, 2022

Using bright accent colours in your home design

Don’t be afraid to take ‘whisks’ when using colour in your bespoke kitchen design!

When renovating your custom kitchen, bedroom, or bootroom with Bespoke Interiors, the possibilities of colour choice, style, and design is almost limitless. This gives you the option to get creative with bespoke designs that cannot be found elsewhere and are truly unique to you.

We’re proud to showcase some of our interior projects where our imaginative clients used bold colour choices to create awe-inspiring accents in their custom kitchen, bedroom, and utility room designs:

Yellow bedroom design

The subtle greys and whites in this custom bedroom are brought to life by the sunny yellow accent walls, furniture, and textiles incorporated into this stunning modern bedroom. The custom wardrobes were designed and installed by our Newcastle team.

Terrific taps

If you’d like everything neutral besides the kitchen sink, get inspired by this utility room tap we installed in the same client’s home. The utility room provides ample storage and the red tap adds a fun pop of colour!

Another creative kitchen design is in our Newcastle showroom. The mint green tap complements the forest green cabinets to showcase how unique you could design your home when working with Bespoke Interiors.

Blissful blues

Hues of blue are trendy in custom kitchen design this year. Create a cool, clean space with a warm feel by incorporating blue cabinets with whites and coppers like in this kitchen we designed in Darras Hall.

This client opted for a mix of colours and luxury blue island seating in their bright, glamorous kitchen.

What colour are you hoping to use in your interior design? Visit our showroom to discuss your ideas and to view a collection of imaginative kitchen and bedroom designs!  

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