January 29, 2021

Without trying to sound cliché, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home. In ancient times, people would gather around a cooking space as a place of heat, light, safety, and of course, food – this certainly hasn’t changed over the years.

Your home is your sanctuary and should represent your style, which is why certain traditional designs live on. A traditional kitchen features many common characteristics that have solidified their place due to usability as well as aesthetic factors.

Luxurious worktops

A worktop should be functional but practical. Materials have developed over time to protect your kitchen and give it a longer shelf life. Quartz is a classic choice, however Silestone and Corian are modern day man-made alternatives which offer a range of colours and have qualities such as heat resistance.

Ornate ovens

The AGA was originally designed not only to cook amazing food but to heat the whole house, and it still does exactly this. Whilst AGAs have transformed from a functional oven to now a trendy centre piece in kitchens, their original benefits remain.

Mood lighting

Lighting is known to influence our emotions, so when you refurbish your kitchen, take into consideration natural light and how a design affects this. If your room is devoid of natural light choosing pendant lighting can darken the surrounding space – whilst not traditional, bespoke cabinet lighting can provide a futuristic look and bright interior.

Decorative elements

Practicality is one aspect of your kitchen, but decorative elements are what separate a traditional kitchen from its more modern counterparts. Traditional kitchens are warm and welcoming, think hand-painted cupboards, crown moulding and raised panels.

Perfect pantry

Pantries are often at the top of home buyers’ lists and they have been around since the 17th century. January is known as the month to get organised, and what better way to do this than to sort out your kitchen pantry or at least plan to get a pantry fitted?

Kitchen sinks

Everything and the kitchen sink. A traditional kitchen will feature a sink big enough to host all those dirty dishes. Ceramic sinks are a popular choice, and we work closely with high-quality brands to ensure your sink will be the same standard as your bespoke kitchen.

We are currently offering a remote design service during the COVID-19 pandemic so you can start, progress, and finalise your kitchen projects. You can take a look at our previous designs here, or if you have any questions drop us an email to info@bespoke-interiors-uk.co.uk.

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