May 31, 2022

Even the most sophisticated bespoke kitchen design may not, unfortunately, transform the average person into a skilled home chef. However, innovative storage solutions and creative kitchen layouts can make a big difference!

Here are some tips and tricks for making cooking a little bit more enjoyable:

How to cut tomatoes

Cutting tomatoes can be messy business, but this chef has an ingenious way to keep the spray at bay! Simply place cherry tomatoes inside a Tupperware bowl with the lid slightly ajar and cut through without covering your luxury kitchen in tomato juice.

Keep dry goods fresh

Ensure that your bread, cereal and more stays fresh with these simple tricks for sealing up types of packaging!

Don’t cry over onions

There’s nothing more irritating than the sting you feel when chopping onions. This is a super simple hack for stopping the sting: just place a damp kitchen roll on the chopping board and slice away!

Learn how to make the perfect poached egg

You won’t want to admit to your guests that you made the perfect poached egg in the microwave… but it really works!

Master mango peeling

One of the most difficult fruits to cut is a mango, but they are so tasty! This is a fab trick for getting all the best juicy bits from a mango:

The greatest cheese grating hack

This may sound cheesy, but… Mind. Blown! Why have we been grating cheese wrong all this time?!

We hope these help make your experience in your bespoke kitchen even more enjoyable! What other kitchen hacks do you swear by? Share them by tagging us in your Instagram stories at @bespoke.interiors!

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