April 26, 2022

For nearly 70 years, the Sub-Zero and Wolf legacy has been at the forefront of home refrigeration and cooking. The appliances are both meticulously crafted and expertly built, bringing professional excellence into the home for the family cook or gourmet chef alike.

Image credit: subzero-wolf.co.uk.

Since 1933, Sub-Zero has been a leader in refrigeration devices, with Wolf acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000, specialising in cooking appliances. The legacy is supported by many famous chefs, restauranteurs, and critics, but what exactly makes Wolf cooking appliances stand out from the crowd…

Iconic design features

Wolf stoves are constructed to last, from iconic stainless-steel sidewalls and porcelain cast-iron grates. Each grate features silicon feet to prevent scratches and damage and are placed so that pots and pans may be easily moved on and off while cooking.

The spark ignition technology controls each stove burner individually, eliminating the annoying clicking sound heard on many gas ranges, and infrared heat reduces preheat time. A luxuriously large oven compartment is a signature feature of a Wolf cooking appliance: gourmet cooking at home has never been easier.


Dual stacked sealed burners are standard on Wolf’s high-end stoves; however, the model determines their power. Around 9,200 BTU burners are appropriate for smaller pots, although 15,000 to 20,000 burners are available.

The burners can be set to a low temperature of 300 BTU and flame size and temperature can be altered to suit the needs of different chefs and dishes. Wolf appliances offer you total control at every turn, with fantastic details including a soft motion door that doesn’t open or close suddenly.


In terms of temperature regulation, Wolf is at the top of their game: their dual convection oven has multiple fans that distribute heat evenly and a motor with an independent temperature sensor for better cooking results.

The gas burners on the stove maximise heat transfer at high temperatures, while the lower-tier flame allows for more accurate low-temperature melting and simmering.

Different ranges

Dual Fuel Ranges:

Many Wolf dual fuel ranges have unique twin-stacked, sealed gas burners and Dual VertiCross convection ovens with Gourmet Mode, combining a striking look and exceptional performance into one bold appliance. The large-capacity ovens distribute heat evenly, reducing hot and cold patches and removing the variability of less precise cooking equipment.

Induction Range:

Induction cooking is a cutting-edge cooking technique that is gaining traction in both professional and domestic kitchens. With an electric oven beneath the hob, Wolf induction ranges deliver an efficient and reliable heating source.

With instantaneous temperature adjustment that ranges from searing-hot to cool-to-the-touch in seconds, you can create forceful boils and soft melts.

Gas Ranges:

Wolf Gas Ranges give you more cooking options and precision at low and high temperatures. It’s like a baker’s dream come true, with dual stacked, sealed gas burners delivering power and flair up top and a gas oven below providing spectacular and reliable cooking results.

Customer service

Last but not least, whilst Wolf appliances are designed with durability in mind, if anything happens, their 24/7 helpline experts are just a phone call away. The fantastic representatives work closely with the factory to help you troubleshoot problems or to use the advanced features to the best of their ability.

Do you want to learn more about the numerous types of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances or start planning your dream kitchen design? Contact our kitchen design experts to get started!

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