September 14, 2021

What is a Shaker kitchen and why are Shaker kitchens still so popular?

Shaker Kitchen Design

You may not be familiar with the term, but you’d surely recognise the look of a Shaker kitchen: the traditional, simplistic design of square wooden kitchen doors with flat panels on the fronts.

Shaker kitchens have been around for centuries yet still remain widely popular today. The clean, minimalistic, and symmetrical look is timeless, and Shaker kitchens are built to last.

Shaker kitchen craftmanship

Shaker kitchens were designed in the 1700s in the North West of England. The Shakers of the 18th century were Christians who believed in hard work, cleanliness, and simplicity, which is reflected in the craftmanship of their kitchen designs.

Shaker kitchens, therefore, are handmade using high-quality materials and feature simple, clean lines. Long-lasting wood like oak, cherry, and maple are popular in Shaker kitchens and although decoration or embellishments were frowned upon in the religion, Shaker kitchens are often painted or stained.

Shaker kitchens are highly practical and allow for a nice tidy kitchen with plenty of storage. The cabinets and cupboards create a smooth, symmetrical look while providing ample space for food, crockery and pans.

Modern Shaker kitchens

These traditional kitchens are still popular today, with minimalism and cleanliness at the heart of Shaker kitchen design. The attention to detail and use of high-quality materials is still important in Shaker kitchens, yet they no longer need to be handmade and can be created with modern machinery.

Modern Shaker kitchens can feature bespoke designs and be hand painted in any colour of your choice, and there are plenty of ways to create unique Shaker kitchens.

Bespoke Interiors specialises in designing luxury Shaker kitchens out of both high-quality MFC and different types of wood. We manufacture bespoke handmade doors and cabinets which allows a truly bespoke design with special sizes, curves, and styles. We also spray Shaker doors in house, meaning your colour choice is limitless.

Shaker kitchen design inspiration

Have a look at some of the Shaker kitchens we have designed, manufactured and installed through Newcastle and the North East:

South Shields framed and painted shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchen with booth seating on the island

The bespoke paint colour on the shaker doors is accented with Silestone worktops and a Silestone moulded sink.

Gosforth kitchen with in-frame beaded shaker door

View more of our bespoke kitchen designs in our online gallery. 

Contact the design team at Bespoke Interiors to discuss a Shaker kitchen project.

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