February 25, 2021

Spotlight on Sensa granite countertops

Created by Cosentino, a global leader in the natural stone industry, Sensa is a natural granite surface. They are unique due to their special stain-resistant protective treatment which makes them low maintenance, long lasting and an elegant option for your kitchen or bathroom worktops.

Learn more about why you should choose Sensa countertops and the benefits of this stunning material:

Stain resistant

Natural granite is beautiful but is highly porous, marking it very sensitive to stains.

Sensa granite countertops undergo a revolutionary granite sealing treatment called ‘Senguard’ which chemically bonds to the stone, making them highly stain resistant.

Unique, natural designs

Sensa surfaces are available in seven different shades and feature gorgeous, one-of-a-kind natural patterns from Brazil and India.

You can choose from either a polished, suede, or caresse texture.

Long lasting

Because of their durability, Sensa surfaces are scratch resistant and will not stain. And unlike other common granite sealers that often require annual resealing which can cause changes to the appearance and add on cost, Senguard is chemically bonded to the stone and will not change over time. The surface is UV resistant, which ensures colour change will not occur.

Sensa worktops also come with a 15-year transferable warranty.

Low maintenance

Unlike other types of granite countertops, Sensa doesn’t require use of any special cleaners or polishes. Simply wipe clean with a warm, soapy cloth to remove any spills from your Sensa worktop.

Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms

Sensa is a great material for either your kitchen or bathroom. The surfaces are certified for safe use in contact with food and provide an elegant, clean option for your worktops.

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