April 7, 2021

The team at Bespoke Interiors has vast experience installing custom kitchens that feature luxury brands of kitchen brands, materials, and appliances. One of the brands we often recommend is Miele.

German manufacturer Miele produces high-end kitchen appliances that are sustainable, built to last and which utilise incredible technology.

Learn about the benefits of choosing Miele appliances:

Miele ovens in your bespoke kitchen

High-end, seamlessly designed ovens from Miele not only look great but they also perform exceptionally well.

Our clients love eye-level ovens that offer the convenience of watching your meals cook without having to bend down, and Miele ovens are a great choice for this placement.

Miele ovens also feature:

  • Moisture plus technology that is great for rising dough and nicely browned crusts
  • Pyrolytic cleaning equipment that means minimal cleaning effort is required
  • ‘TasteControl,’ which ensures your food doesn’t overcook by rapidly cooling down the oven once switched off
  • Miele@home technology add-on that allows you to control your appliances remotely for added convenience and safety

Fridges and fridge-freezers from Miele

Fridges from Miele are a great choice for your bespoke kitchen. They keep food fresh, don’t frost over and last the test of time.

Some features of Miele fridges and freezers include:

  • ‘PerfectFresh’ technology which helps keep food fresh for up to 5x longer than other leading brands, according to the Miele website
  • Individually adjustable glass shelf lighting
  • Freezers won’t frost over due to their ‘NoFrost’ technology

Choose from built-in fridges or fridge-freezers, and don’t miss out on their luxury wine chillers!

Miele coffee machines

Design the perfect kitchen with a custom-built coffee bar for the ultimate in luxury!

Miele coffee machines are simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, and they serve up a delicious cup of coffee. Plus, a bespoke coffee station adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

We recommend designing the coffee station next to the sink if possible, or you could opt for Miele’s ‘DirectWater’ option for the most convenience.

Considering a redesign with Miele appliances? Speak to our design team for a quote for your custom built kitchen!

Bespoke Interiors designs bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms throughout Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and the North East. We are offering a remote design service to continue to provide service to those wishing to refurbish and renovate while practicing safe social distancing. Contact us to discuss your project!

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