July 7, 2021

Our kitchen design team is skilled at recommending and installing bespoke kitchens which feature luxury brands, materials, and appliances. One particular brand of ovens that we often recommend is Bosch.

Bosch built-in ovens utilise innovative technology and feature a sleek appearance making them one of the most popular choices for use in luxury kitchens. Bosch ovens come with many extra features that deliver extraordinary meals, and these high-end appliances are built to last, sustainable and easy to use.

Boche ovens in your bespoke kitchen

Keep an eye on your culinary masterpieces with a built-in oven at eye level. Bosch ovens are ideal for being built into bespoke kitchen furniture, and their features make them one of the best choices for your family kitchen:

Incredible dishes in your home

With features like BoschAssist Autopilot, which automatically prepares your dishes to your liking, as well as PerfectRoast and PerfectBake technology, you’ll find that Bosch ovens deliver exceptional results.

A feast for your eyes

Not only do Bosch ovens cook and bake your food even better than you could imagine, they also look great. The built-in ovens add a sense of sophistication to your kitchen whilst also saving space.

Easy to clean

Some Bosch built-in ovens come with pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes and pop-out controls, which makes cleaning the front of the oven simple and quick.

Safe and easy to use

The oven door opens and closes gently and quietly due to the SoftOpen and SoftClose technology, making it safer than ovens which have heavier doors.

Learn more about the different models and features on the Bosch website and contact our team to discuss which Bosch built-in oven would fit best in your custom kitchen.

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