October 8, 2023

Smart appliances can make cooking and cleaning simpler, quicker, and more fun: with just the touch of a button on your phone, you could start your dinner, check what’s in your fridge from anywhere, or prepare a cuppa!

Learn about some of the latest tech and find out how homeowners are incorporating smart appliances into their bespoke kitchen design:

Smart cookers and ovens

It is now possible to turn on your cooker from your phone, with numerous brands offering smart cookers and hobs that can be turned on and adjusted from your device.

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In a recent study, 47 per cent of respondents said that they would like to be able to control their cookers and hobs from a smart phone, with the ability to delay starting times and voice controls being the most desirable traits.

Smart ovens can also display your meal’s progress from your smartphone, so you won’t need to wait for an advert break to check on your dinner.

Handsfree taps

Turning the tap on with messy hands can be a thing of the past with handsfree taps: choose from motion-activated, voice-activated, or a model that allows you to switch the tap on using your arm or elbow.

Smart fridges

Imagine having a refrigerator that can order your shopping for you when you run out of key ingredients! Smart fridges can display the contents of your fridge on your phone from anywhere or even top up your supplies when you are running low or out.

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Some smart fridges also feature touch screens that can stream music, play films, and allow you to leave notes on the screen.

Smart coffee machines

“Hey Alexa, make me a coffee…” There are plenty of models of coffee machines that can sync with your Amazon Alexa to allow you to set a timer or simply make a request out loud for a cup of coffee.

Kitchen tech is modernising rapidly, and this list is not exhaustive – there are plenty of devices like thermometers, scales, kettles, microwaves and more that now sync with your phone and offer clever ways of being more productive in your custom kitchen!

Contact our team of kitchen designers to discuss your cooking style and to find out how we can design your dream smart kitchen with innovative appliances, luxury materials, and clever kitchen tech.


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