June 27, 2022

Round-up: Blue Bespoke Kitchen Designs

Get some inspiration for decorating your bespoke kitchen or bedroom using the colour blue!

Blue hues in your home can create a calming, luxurious atmosphere. Blue is the colour of reason, and symbolises wisdom, trust, and logic, making it a comforting choice for your home design. Kitchens can occasionally be stressful areas, with timing being a key element for baking, so choosing blue could even help to make your culinary challenges a bit more successful!

Blue is also a trending colour to use in custom kitchen and bedroom designs, and one of the most popular colours from some of our latest projects. Here are some ideas for using blue in your bedroom or kitchen design:

Blue bedroom designs 

Incorporating blue into your bespoke bedroom can add a sense of tranquillity to your space. We love how our client used blue accents to complement the white and grey patterns in this custom bedroom we designed, and the bees are adorable! 


The custom accent lights and cohesive use of blue throughout this en-suite make for a calm, cosy space that has a modern vibe. 

Using blue accents in your bespoke kitchen 

This custom kitchen features a luxurious island with blue velvet stools that have a lovely contrast to the custom painted island and light grey cabinetry. 

Navy kitchen design 

Navy blue is a traditional colour that can add depth and sophistication to your custom kitchen. This kitchen is a great example of the perfect mix of the dark navy and clean white. 

Teal kitchen design 

A shade of blue that is close to teal is another popular choice for modern kitchen designs. We love the custom painted blue and white cabinets in this stunning kitchen that uses pops of copper to brighten it up and creates a glamorous and unique space! 

The custom kitchen, located in Darras Hall near Newcastle, is light and airy. 

Soft shades of blue 

Lighter shades of blue are lovely ways to complement the use of wooden elements in your kitchen. This client wanted seating incorporated into the island which catered for stool height occasional seating as well as dining. The L-shaped booth design provided the solution to both.

The bespoke blue paint on the shaker doors was accented with Silestone worktops with Silestone moulded sink. 


Are you interested in talking to a kitchen designer about how to use shades of blue in your bedroom or kitchen design? Visit our Newcastle showroom to browse through samples and view our unique design ideas or get in touch to arrange an appointment in your home. 

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