July 5, 2022

One of Bespoke Interiors’ recent projects was the completion of a stunning modern hybrid kitchen that featured bespoke colours, a hidden utility room and dual kitchen islands with a bespoke Champagne trough!

Here’s an overview of the custom kitchen design that we completed in Wynyard:

The client chose a unique and luxurious handleless rail kitchen design that features a more traditional shaker door to create a hybrid modern/traditional effect.

The bespoke blue colour of the doors were matched to the client’s specifications and creates a calming, sophisticated space.

The dual kitchen islands feature Silestone worktops and a custom Champagne trough for the ultimate in entertaining!

The kitchen also includes a Quooker tap, luxury wine chiller, and custom lighting.

The secret ingredient was the hidden access into a custom utility room!

There is ample storage in the hidden pantry leading to a sizeable utility room/kitchen.

Are you ready to get started designing your own custom kitchen, utility room or bedroom? Arrange an appointment with our interiors team: https://bespoke-interiors-uk.co.uk/contact-us

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