December 7, 2022

The design world is driven by colour and Pantone is one of the most influential players when it comes to colour trends. The Pantone Institute has recently revealed the colour of the year for 2023: Viva Magenta, a bold shade of red that evokes positivity with a striking mix of warm and cool tones.

Unlike ‘traditional’ magenta, which is typically more pink or purple, Viva Magenta is part of the red family. It’s also a natural hue, inspired by the red of cochineal, the brightest natural dye.

The colour was chosen to reflect on today’s culture with a forward glance at the challenges we will rise to in 2023. According to Pantone, “Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”

They go on to say that it “welcomes anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit. It is a colour that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all.”

This vivacious colour can be incorporated into the design of your bespoke kitchen, bedroom, or study – at Bespoke Interiors, we have no limits on what colours you can choose from your home design and all our work is custom made to suit your style. Here are a couple of ideas for using Viva Magenta in your kitchen, bedroom, study, or utility room:

A splash of colour

This vibrant hue can make for a fabulous statement piece like this Quooker tap that our client chose for the sink in their bespoke utility room!

Trendy furniture

The boldness of Viva Magenta may make it more trendy than timeless, so if you want to incorporate it in your living room design, consider opting for something that can easily be replaced like an armchair or curtain.

Home office inspiration

Red is an uplifting, motivating colour, a great choice for your home office to inspire and awaken you.

Other Pantone picks this year included Pale Dogwood, Gray Sand, Gray Lilac, Pale Khaki, Fields of Rye, Agate Gray and Plein Air – a mix of soft, neutral shades that complement the ‘Magentaverse.’ See all the Pantone colours of 2023 here for more inspiration.

Ready to add a custom colour to the design of your new kitchen, bedroom, home office or utility room? Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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