June 26, 2023

Lookbook: Ideas for Open Shelving in your Bespoke Kitchen

Creating a display of all of your kitchen belongings could seem daunting, but open shelving in a kitchen can be a way of finding the right mix of maximalism and minimalism – plus, it can make your kitchen goods more accessible.

Here are some ideas for styling open shelving in your custom kitchen design:

Crockery display stands

Put your antiques, ceramics, and decorative plates on display for a culinary-themed showcase in your kitchen. This bespoke kitchen features a mix of eye-level open shelving and lit glass cupboards to add even more shine and light to this bright white kitchen.

open shelving with lighting

Under cabinet open shelving

Incorporating open shelves into your custom kitchen island can draw the eye lower and create a more open and dynamic feel, rather than having a totally enclosed island that might dominate the space.

the paddock kitchen design

We love this client’s décor that brings the blue and white theme together with patterned ceramics and jugs that are both stylish and useful.

Another stunning example of open shelving in an island is this mirrored-back, lighted display area that contrasts spectacularly with the bold black island! The minimalistic decorations of crystals makes this contemporary kitchen even brighter and more sophisticated.

shelving in kitchen island

Small display units

With custom made kitchen furniture, you have all the possibilities to bring your own character into the kitchen. This bespoke kitchen features small open shelves to allow the client to add their colourful décor into the modern kitchen. We love their use of colour alongside the navy, slate, and copper colour scheme!

kitchen display shelf

kitchen display ideas

Add texture and dimension

This open shelving display above a tiled splashback and underneath statement lighting units is complete with plants, patterned ceramics and candles to add a maximalist feel to the sleek kitchen without overpowering the chill vibe.

kitchen shelf ideas

Shelving above a bespoke dining nook

fenham kitchen 2

Store your cookbooks, display family photos, and incorporate a media unit with television into your custom breakfast bar or to make it even more cosy and practical. Harness a more finished look with custom seating, bespoke lighting within the open shelves and plenty of extra storage.

What is your ideal recipe for the perfect bespoke kitchen design? Whether you’re interested in custom open shelving units, a bespoke kitchen island design, contemporary or traditional, we can help create your dream kitchen. Visit our Newcastle kitchen showroom to discuss your ideas for your custom kitchen design or contact us for a free consultation!



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