April 27, 2023

A functional and comfortable home office is now more important than ever with working from home or in a hybrid setting becoming more and more common.

In the spring and summer, it might be difficult to find the enthusiasm to work some days. However, having an inspiring yet practical custom home office may provide you with the motivation you need!

Say goodbye to flatpack furniture and filing cabinets. We can help you design a stunning, sophisticated, bespoke home office that has all the amenities you require for a successful workday.

Bespoke desks and cabinets

houseplants home office

Any workspace needs a desk as its central piece. We can assist you in creating the ideal desk for your needs, whether you like a traditional solid wood form or a more modern appearance.

With our storage solutions, we will make the most of your available space, whether your workplace is in a separate room, a small room, or a living area. Our precisely crafted storage options allow you to utilise every square inch of your space.  With our bespoke furniture designs, you won’t have to see unsightly wires since we can hide the things you don’t want to see.

If your home office is in a corner of your living room, we can design systems so your desk is completely put away in cabinets, so you can easily put work away and put the space to other uses at the end of the day.

Media & book displays

You may want a media centre or a bookcase to inspire you, depending on your needs. Beautiful fitted bookcases and TV cabinets are our speciality.

custom shelving newcastle

Our custom cabinets can improve any space. You won’t be constrained by any design restrictions, and we offer an infinite variety of colours, finishes, and materials for any part of our designs.

Visit our showroom if you’d like to see more of our office designs and materials. We don’t just design office spaces, we also specialise in bespoke kitchens, studies and bedrooms. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your project.

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