August 31, 2022

Modern bedroom design trends

Bedroom designs that feature luxurious accents and high-end furniture are a great way to add value to your home.

Read our interior experts’ tips on designing custom-made modern bedrooms:

Incorporate calming colours

Using bespoke colour schemes for your bedroom furniture and bedding can create a homey atmosphere. Colours that instil calmness and serenity can help make the environment great for rest.

Pastels like soft greens and cosy pinks can make the room feel comfortable and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

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Use bold geometric angles

Modern bedroom designs that feature unique angles and bold furniture like this custom-made bedroom can truly capture your individual taste. We love the striking chevron-style headboard and the distinctive design of the wardrobes in this bedroom we designed!

Create a brilliant bedroom suite

Relax in a luxurious suite by incorporating a bathing area in your modern bedroom. This bedroom features a lounging area and bath tub for the ultimate in relaxation.

Choose a bee-autiful theme

Pick a colour scheme that you love and add in fun accents to make the space your own. This blue and grey aesthetic is sophisticated and contemporary. We love the cushions and décor our client chose to finish the look!

Add in bespoke storage solutions

If your bedroom features distinctive angles, choose custom-made wardrobes that utilise all the potential areas for storing your clothing and accessories.

Are you interested in talking to a bedroom designer about your next project? Get in touch for a quote or visit our Newcastle showroom for interior inspiration!

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