May 12, 2021

Although it appears as though we’ll all be able to leave the house more often this summer, many homeowners are still interested in a kitchen renovation. The fast-moving housing market and a year spent in the house has piqued interest in kitchen revamps, and one of the most exciting choices can be the colour scheme of your new kitchen!

Recent analysis of data from Pinterest has unveiled the most popular kitchen colours for 2021. Here’s a round-up of the top trending colours to spruce up your kitchen:

Dusty pink

Positive, upbeat yet cosy shades of pink are popping up in British kitchens. Dusty pink complements whites and silvers, and adding pink accents in velvet or with quirky appliances can really make a statement.

Black and white modern kitchens

The classic black and white aesthetic of timeless kitchens is still a popular choice in 2021. Clean lines and bold industrial-style kitchens in black and white have increased in Pinterest searches by 16 per cent recently.

Give your modern kitchen a traditional feel with bespoke painted corbels like in this black and white kitchen project we designed.


Bold teal is an up-and-coming favourite in kitchen design. The lush, deep hue adds a touch of luxury to bright white kitchens. Incorporate light wooden features like pine to maintain a natural aesthetic.

Green kitchens

Natural, calming, and clean green hues are an ever-popular colour for the kitchen, and this year is no exception. Recent Pinterest search data indicates a 19 per cent increase in interest in green kitchen inspiration!

We’ve completed many kitchen projects that incorporate shades of green, from tiles to appliances.

Orange kitchen designs

Zesty accents of orange are also trending for kitchen designs. Bold, bright orange statement pieces in your kitchen can add a nice warm pop of colour!

Light grey

Go for a Scandinavian look by incorporating soft light grey in your kitchen renovation. This is a great neutral choice that will be timeless and can be complemented with this year’s more colourful options without becoming too over-the-top. Light grey goes great with green, pinks and teal.

Navy blue kitchens

Elegant tones of dark blue add a moody yet calming aura to bespoke kitchens. Opt for classy navy cabinets alongside dark wooden furniture and light granite countertops for a traditional yet trendy aesthetic.

Bespoke Interiors designs luxury bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms throughout Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and the North East. Our Newcastle showroom is open so please feel free to stop by for a chat about your project. Or simply contact us to get started on your new kitchen!

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