January 24, 2022

Modern kitchen and bedroom designs are highly sought after – here’s how to harness the look of a modern interior.

Contemporary and minimalistic modern interiors are all the rage, with sleek lines and cool aesthetics on trend in all areas of the home. From modern kitchens featuring fresh palettes and clean lines to bright bedrooms incorporating bold colours and artistic angles, there are plenty of ways to harness this aesthetic.

Bespoke Interiors offers a limitless selection of materials, appliances and styles, and can accommodate almost any design you could imagine. We have designed numerous modern kitchens and bedrooms and would love to discuss your designs ideas!

Here is some inspiration for designing modern kitchens and bedrooms, featuring some of our latest modern projects:

Handleless rail kitchens

Handleless kitchens feature sleek, clean lines to give a minimalistic and elegant feel to the kitchen. They can be opened with either a groove along the edge or with a push-open mechanism, and a soft-close hinge will ensure they are easy to open and quiet to shut.

Opt for a luxurious accent like this copper trim to add an industrial feel and extra dimension to your handleless kitchen.

Monochrome kitchen design

Basic shades of white, grey and black make for a cool aesthetic and help bring a sophisticated yet classic feel to your modern kitchen design.

Anthracite is an ever-popular colour choice in the kitchen, and adds a bold yet soft touch to your kitchen island, like this modern kitchen we designed for a client in the North East.

Use geometric accents

Dramatic angles add a futuristic feel to your bedroom or kitchen. We love the lines on these bespoke wardrobes in this modern bedroom design. The bold yellow walls and furniture accents create a cosy yet energetic feel within the space!

Incorporate bespoke storage solutions to maximise space

Uniquely angled and shaped furniture allows you to take advantage of all the space within a room, even when there are sloped ceilings.

The eclectic mix of handles and knobs on this custom fitted wardrobe creates a clean, charming pattern and the mirrored displays brighten the room and allow for imaginative decorating.

Add in natural materials for a rustic modern look

The exposed brick against the textured, matt black draws and statement lighting within the mirrored shelving in this custom bar creates a farmhouse feel within a modern setting.

The sky is the limit when it comes to choice when looking to design any style of kitchen when you choose Bespoke Interiors. We can bring any idea to life within your bespoke kitchen, custom bedroom or other room within your home. Get in touch to discuss the style of kitchen or bedroom you’d like us to design and we will make your interior dreams come true. 

Visit our Newcastle showroom to view examples of custom kitchens and bedro

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