August 10, 2021

When redesigning your kitchen, the choice between a gas hob or induction hob can be tricky for many homeowners. There are many differences between the two options including safety, energy efficiency, cleaning and more.

Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when deciding between an induction or gas hob in your luxury kitchen:

What is the difference between gas and induction hobs?

The way that the two types of hobs operate make the cooking experience quite different.

Gas hobs are very common in British homes. The gas is released through the burners when switched on and ignited by a lighter spark which remains on during cooking.

How do induction hobs work?

Induction hobs use electromagnetism which means that the hob itself doesn’t actually heat up.

Instead, it creates a high-frequency alternating magnetic field between the pan and hob which generates a current inside the pan, causing the pan to heat up.

Cooking with a gas hob versus an induction hob

Although gas hobs will heat up much faster than induction hobs, it actually takes longer to cook on gas than on an induction hob. Because of how efficiently the heat is distributed across the pan on an induction hob, it cooks much more quickly.

In fact, it takes only 3.5 minutes to boil a pan of water on an induction hob whereas it would take closer to 8.5 minutes on a gas hob!

Induction hobs are also easier to control with more accuracy, since you simply set the temperature with the touch of a button. However, with gas, it’s easier and quicker to adjust the temperature throughout the cooking process by simply turning the flame up or down.

Most professional chefs would choose a gas hob but there are benefits to cooking with both styles of hob.

Costs of gas versus induction

Induction hobs tend to be almost double the price of gas hobs and the cost of running them is also about twice of what you’d pay to run on gas.

You will also need to invest in the proper cookware for an induction hob – cast iron is magnetic, making it the best option for your pots and pans.


Although a bit pricey, induction hobs are an impressive addition to a luxury kitchen. There are many design styles of induction hobs and all help create the feel of a glam modern kitchen.

The clean lines of induction hobs offer a sleek aesthetic in all types of kitchens, but gas hobs also look fabulous in traditional kitchen settings.

How energy efficient is an induction hob compared to a gas hob?

Induction hobs are more energy efficient than gas hobs. Induction hobs are powered by electricity which can be created by using renewable energy sources, as opposed to natural gas which contributes to global warming. Plus, they cook much faster, and use up all of the heat that is generated.

The government is even planning to phase out installations of gas cookers by 2025 as part of their commitment to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, so an induction hob is a great environmentally friendly investment.

Cleaning induction hobs compared to gas hobs

Most of you are probably familiar with the headache of trying to clean burnt food off all the bits of the gas hob. One of the biggest benefits of induction hobs is that since they don’t heat up, spilled food will not burn onto the surface. You can simply wipe it clean after cooking, just like your kitchen worktops.

Kitchen safety

With no hot surfaces, the induction hob is extremely safe compared to a gas hob. Families with children have nothing to worry about with an induction hob, which can be touched safely and wouldn’t even set a tea towel on fire. The open flames of a gas hob create a much more dangerous environment!

Induction hobs also have built-in child safety locks which prevent the hob from being switched on accidently.

Gas versus induction hob: what will you choose?

There are benefits of each but overall, the induction hob ticks most of the boxes. They are safer, easier to clean, more environmentally friendly and they look fabulous.

A large proportion of our new fitted kitchen projects in the North East boast luxury induction hobs that really help transform the look and feel of the kitchen. View our photo gallery to see examples of both induction and gas hobs in custom kitchens to get inspired for your kitchen project.

Bespoke Interiors designs custom fitted kitchens and bedrooms throughout Newcastle, the North East, and Durham. Get in touch to learn about the high-end brands we work with and to start planning your bespoke kitchen.

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