March 27, 2023

Design the perfect bespoke kitchen by avoiding these common mistakes

Functionality is vital in the kitchen – the space requires a smooth workflow to accommodate multiple appliances and the need for ample storage and adequate space to prep, cook, and clean. Even the smallest mistakes in kitchen design can become a real headache, whether it results in lack of space or choosing the wrong layout or materials.

A recent survey by Which? found that the top regrets people have about their kitchen tend to involve storage space and positioning.  These are the most common mistakes about kitchen design that people tend to regret and how we can help avoid these errors:

13% of people said that they feel they don’t have enough space in their kitchen.

With Bespoke Interiors’ expert craftmanship and the ability to manufacture unique furniture, we can incorporate custom storage solutions like corner cabinets, pantries, and hidden cupboards that utilise every possible inch of space to house your kitchen goods.

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12.5% of those surveyed said they wish they had more space on their worktops.

We can help design the perfect kitchen layout and will incorporate adequate workspace in the right places in relation to where your appliances are.

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Other complaints included not having enough power sockets or drawers, regretting the placement of kitchen cabinets, and having chosen poor quality materials.

Remember that when working with a luxury kitchen designer, you can be confident that your kitchen layout, choices of colours and materials, and type of appliances are right for you and the space.

Bespoke Interiors specialises in creating functional, stylish, and high-quality bespoke kitchens that our clients adore.

We also provide a free design consultation that will include an interactive, 3D model of your new kitchen to help you fully understand the practicality, look, and feel of your new custom kitchen before installation.

Get in touch to arrange an appointment in our Newcastle kitchen showroom or in your home to get started designing your dream kitchen!

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