May 20, 2024

Capture the Bridgerton aesthetic by using hints of Regency style décor in your custom kitchen, bedroom, or home office design!

Get inspired with opulent fixtures, whimsical pastels, and extravagant decorations that harness the Bridgerton style Regency interior design style.

Here are some ideas for incorporating regal charm in your bespoke kitchen or bedroom design:

Go Bold with Ornate Features

Think posh light fittings, statement wallpapers, and opulent touches.

bridgerton house (1)

Incorporate plush seating, sparkling chandeliers, and luxurious features like the built-in champagne trough we included in this kitchen design!

bridgerton regency (1)

Include a Drinks Cabinet

A glamorous drinks station will make you and your guests feel like royals while mixing up a cocktail!

Retro wallpaper in bold tones gives this drinks cabinet area an extra touch of the old fashioned, and bold gold hardware and a dramatic black and white theme add to the aesthetic of this kitchen we designed.

bridgerton style (1)


Patterned Crockery

Display your antique teapots, china, and tableware in your custom kitchen to harness the Bridgerton feel.

bridgerton kitchen design (1)

Soft Pastel Shades

Light greens, pale blues, and plush pinks help bring the Regencycore look to life.

We love the elegant touch our client chose with this blush-coloured sofa and statement chandelier.

bridgerton kitchen (1)

Design a dreamy dressing room

Get ready like royalty in a custom dressing room – antique gold mirrors, intricate detailing and bejewelled hardware make this dressing room extra fabulous.

bridgerton dressing room


Now all you need is a horse drawn carriage to chauffeur you home! 


Are you looking for a new kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, or study? Bespoke Interiors can bring your interior design ideas to life – simply drop us a line to arrange an appointment in the comfort of your home or at our Newcastle showroom.

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