April 21, 2023

Industrial Interiors: How to Achieve the Look

The industrial interior design trend is quickly taking over, and with its quirky yet chic appearance it can add character to any home.

What is industrial design and where did it start?

The style incorporates exposed architectural features such as copper pipes, brick, and concrete, as well as a minimalist design ethos. It was inspired by renovated factories from the Industrial Revolution.


How can I achieve an industrial look?

The industrial vibe is a gorgeous, ageless design trend that gives an edgy vibe to your home. These tried-and-true suggestions will help you achieve the look:

Natural materials

For furniture and décor, fabrics like aged leather or linen work well in these settings since they give the space a lived-in appearance. An essential of industrial design and a fantastic method to include natural components into the metal-heavy materials are hardwood coffee tables, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, and bookshelves constructed of ‘worn’ materials.

To look old doesn’t have to be old – if you’re not into vintage and second-hand furniture, you can carefully select bespoke furniture to match this look.

Neutral colours

Keep in mind that “natural” and “raw” are the main words used to describe industrial interior design. For this reason, most industrial kitchens feature muted hues, however, it’s not uncommon to add pops of bold colour if this is more your style!

Bare appliances

Hiding appliances is a thing of the past, expose your washing machines and fridges. It’s a way to show your high standard appliances off and creates a cool, chic, and relaxed look. You’ll have noticed a lot more metal used for both appliances and countertops, this is a result of the industrial interior trend.

Sun Court   Bespoke Interiors 32

Utilise light

Large, naturally lit windows are a common feature of industrial décor – it is essential to use your natural light as well as light fixtures to create a warm and cosy feeling in your room otherwise it may look cold.

Top tip: bare lightbulb style fittings are a great way to add depth and warmth to any room.

Frame architectural characteristics

If you are lucky enough to have original features such as exposed brick walls and beams don’t hide them. Whilst the whole look appears effortless, it is carefully curated. Bespoke kitchen and bedroom designs can really help to frame your features without looking scruffy.

Would you like to transform your home? Get in touch with our team of bedroom, furniture, and kitchen designers to start planning your new kitchen, bedroom or study!

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