April 21, 2022

How to use house plants to complete your home!

If you have just relocated or have lived comfortably in your home for a while, plants can help you achieve a real homey feel. Plants help to purify the air, fill up empty space and bring colour and beauty to your home.

Before packing your basket with a bunch of cute plants, remember that finding the ideal combination of light, water, and nutrients is essential for a healthy plant. Research a few different houseplants and select one based on your specifications and the amount of light your selected room receives throughout the day.

Which plants should I buy?

Ask yourself how much involvement you would like —can you keep up with a plant that requires daily watering? Do you have any pets? Some plants are poisonous to cats and dogs.

The right plant for your ‘plant family’ varies for different types of people, so to have a happy plant, you need to consider their characteristics. If your room doesn’t receive much natural light, you may want to choose a snake plant, spider plant, ponytail pant or bamboo.

Whereas, if you’re storing your plant on a shelf with indirect light you may want to choose something more like pothos, prayer plant or herbs.

For brighter rooms, choose from plants such as the pencil cactus, heart plant and everyone’s favourite, aloe vera. In most cases there will be a plant which ticks all your boxes, just make sure you do your research so you can grow together!

What should I house my plants in?

Plants can be potted in almost anything, especially because their root systems differ so much. You can go with a more traditional approach and utilise terracotta pots, which are usually cost-effective.

Top tip – you can easily spruce up your terracotta pot with a lick of paint to match your room!

With all plants, it’s worth looking for pots with built-in drainage holes, but if yours doesn’t, you can add a layer of rocks to the bottom before adding soil to prevent water from collecting and causing root rot.

Plants are the perfect accessory to complete your bespoke kitchen, bedroom or living room. If you are considering redesigning your home, get in touch today to discuss options and to get started!

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