September 22, 2022

It’s challenging, but not impossible, to alter your house’s hosting capacity just by redecorating. If you’re taking on a bigger restoration project, it’s the ideal time to assess how your home will function when it’s at its most active.

You’re probably thinking, should I really adapt my home for other people? And the answer is completely up to you. How do you use your space? If it is mainly for entertaining, then it’s probably a smart choice to try please your guests!

Rest assured, you can always make your house flexible with a versatile design with top features for when you’re relaxing at home and another for guests. If you have the space, why not keep designated rooms for just you and your intimate family?

Creating a homely guest bedroom

The most significant influence on what you can accomplish with a guest room will come is your choice of sleeping arrangement, especially when comparing a sofa bed with an actual bed – remember that normal beds tend to be significantly more comfortable.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that a guest bedroom doesn’t necessarily need everything a permanent bedroom needs. Ideas for open storage are very useful for guest rooms as guests won’t have to awkwardly go through your cabinets looking for space.

In an ideal world, you should try to remove the guest suite from the centre of the house. This allows more privacy from both entertaining spots and other bedrooms in the evening. The location of the bathroom is another important factor. An en-suite ensures that visitors can have their own private areas.

Dining with your guests

How can your ordinary open plan kitchen diner become the perfect location to host a dinner party? While we recognise the need for linked environments, we also think that a good design should give users the option of privacy and seclusion.

If you like to prepare food visually, opting for enough light in the space where you prepare and cook the food helps the kitchen serve as a primary focal point and makes the kitchen your stage. Dining in the dining room can feel cosier if it has a lower ceiling, muted lighting, and soft cushioning.

Wining with your guests

Heading out for sophisticated cocktails is a treat, not just for the drinks but the company and the setting too. Why not bring the cocktail bar to your home? A well-planned home bar can provide a similar experience and add a wow factor to your home.

As a home bar is unique, don’t be afraid to use striking wallpaper, paint colours, and other materials that you might be hesitant to use elsewhere. You can also incorporate amenities like a wine cooler and ice maker, as well as a faucet and sink.

Bold and bright designs aren’t for everyone, so if you don’t have the space for a loud and proud bar, you could always have a small, tasteful built-in bar or coffee station tucked away in another area of your house.

Are you interested in talking to a designer about making your home more guest friendly? Visit our showroom to check out samples and view our design ideas or get in touch to arrange an appointment.

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