November 21, 2023

Harnessing the ‘wet and dry kitchen’ layout

Learn what a ‘wet and dry kitchen’ is and discover the benefits of choosing this style of kitchen layout for your custom kitchen design!

The wet-dry kitchen is a luxury trend where you design your custom kitchen in two separate parts – the ‘wet’ kitchen where the messier prep and cleaning occurs, and the ‘dry’ area which is suited for the entertaining aspect of the meal. It divides the space to allow you to host effortlessly by hiding away the more unsightly bits of cooking and cleaning in a separate room!

wet dry kitchen

wet dry kitchen

Designing a wet-dry kitchen

The idea of a wet zone – which is also more commonly referred to as a Chef’s kitchen – originates from the Far East, where the separate kitchen helps stop the smell of strong food odours from permeating the rest of the house. It can be designed for a variety of uses, including meal prep, cooking and cleaning, and space for additional storage.

wet dry kitchen uk


Typically hidden behind bi-fold or sliding doors, the wet Chef’s kitchen is a place for all the hectic aspects of cooking, while the main ‘dry’ kitchen is for hosting. This allows you to hide away clutter like extra appliances and dirty pots, making the serving process of the meal seamless and tidy – almost restaurant style! It is a good choice for large families, giving everyone adequate space to cook, clean, and live.

wet kitchen example

The wet part of the kitchen can include:

  • Worktops for meal prep
  • The dishwasher and washing machine
  • A cooker and ventilation systems
  • Sink and a small refrigerator
  • Microwaves, blenders, and other small appliances
  • A pantry

The dry zone of the kitchen could compose of:

  • Dining table, kitchen island and/or breakfast nook for seating
  • Refrigerator
  • Storage for crockery, utensils, and dry goods
  • Worktop space for light meal prep i.e. sandwiches or snacks
  • A second sink for making drinks and quick clean-ups
  • Mood lighting and décor
  • Concealed folding doors leading to the wet kitchen

dry kitchen


If you have enough space to either reformat an open-plan kitchen into two spaces for a wet-dry kitchen, have two adjoining rooms already, or are planning an extension to incorporate a wet and dry kitchen into your home design, we are on hand to help.

We design, manufacture, and install bespoke kitchens throughout Newcastle, the North East, and Northumberland, and would be happy to visit your home to discuss your ideas for a new kitchen layout and design! Arrange an appointment with an experienced and talented kitchen designer by ringing Bespoke Interiors on 0191 2715630.

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