October 31, 2023

Darker nights and shorter days can evoke gloominess, but this year’s interior trend to brighten up your mood is Dopamine Décor! Learn how to spark joy with your custom kitchen, bedroom, home office or living room by embracing this optimistic style of decorating:

What is Dopamine Décor?

Dopamine is a hormone that positively influences your mood. It is a neurotransmitter that impacts your attention span, learning ability, sleep, mood, heart rate, and more, and can be triggered by aspects in your life that bring you joy.

custom bedroom

Hence, Dopamine Décor: surrounding your home with uplifting decorations and happy colours to induce the creation of dopamine in your body! Here are some ways to style your bespoke kitchen, bedroom and home office with pieces that can offer the dopamine effect:

Embrace your personality

This is key in dopamine décor: incorporate your favourite things into the design of your home, whether they are artifacts that evoke happy memories or silly pieces that make you smile.

Sun Court Bespoke Interiors 1

Don’t try to follow a specific interior design style, instead, choose to be free with whimsical and playful decorations that are meaningful to you.

For example, find an oversized clock that makes a fun statement in your minimalistic kitchen!

dopamine decor

feature clock design

Use texture and colours

Repeating patterns that add dimension and texture to your room can also spark joy. Incorporate geometric shapes in bold patterns like this Art Deco style custom bar to add a bit a ‘vavoom’ to your kitchen!

art deco style home bar

Opt for a bright colour scheme or pops of colour for a basis for your design, and then enhance that feeling with quirky decorations.

kitchen display shelf

Play with your senses

Think plush cushions to cuddle with, scented candles to set the mood, curated playlists to suit each room, and visually appealing colours and displays! Keep mood lighting in mind, too, like this satisfying orange glow that warms up this contemporary kitchen.

bespoke kitchen in whickham


Not sure what dopamine décor would look like in your home? One way to get started is to make a collection of your favourite items to inspire a mood board. Our team of interior designers will be happy to work with your imagination to design YOUR happy place based on the colours, styles, and decorations that you’d like to incorporate in your unique design.

Get in touch to start harnessing the dopamine décor trend in your bespoke kitchen, bedroom, study, or home office!

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