November 21, 2022

It can occasionally be challenging for homeowners to realise the true potential of their space – you may feel limited by the layout and size of your home, but that’s where expert kitchen, bedroom, and home designers come in. There are no limitations to what Bespoke Interiors can do to change your home into your ideal sanctuary. Here are some ideas for design tricks that can dramatically change the look and feel of your home:

Accent walls

Creating a focal point within a smaller room can help to make the room feel and appear larger. This can be done by creating contrast, for example adding in a feature wall in a bold or dark shade while leaving the remaining walls a light shade of white or grey. This changes how you perceive the room, drawing your eye toward the accent wall which also emphasises the length of the room.

Accent walls can also help to hide certain elements within the room that you’d rather not draw attention to – for example, hanging a TV on a dark accent wall can make it blend in rather than stick out when not in use.

Create zones

You can change the feel of open plan spaces by using elements to zone up areas you’d like to divide. Create visual boundaries by using two different yet complementary colours between the dining room and kitchen, for example, to make each room stand out in its own unique way.

Reflective surfaces

Mirrors, windows, and reflective materials like brass and quartz can drastically impact how the light in your home appears. If you do opt to add in darker paints, incorporate reflective surfaces that can help improve the flow of light throughout the room.


Choosing lighter colours for your flooring can help reflect the room’s natural light to help it appear brighter and make it feel more open. You could then incorporate a patterned rug to give the space extra dimension.

How would you like to transform your home? Get in touch with our team of bedroom, furniture, and kitchen designers to start planning your new home!

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