January 21, 2021

Being back under lockdown during a North East winter is even more challenging with the dark mornings and early evenings. Thankfully, the days are starting to grow longer.

Bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms offer homeowners more options for creating ways to let more natural light in and to brighten up previously dark or shadowed spaces. Here are some tips for ways to brighten up your home:

Take your bi-fold doors to the next level

Glass bi-folds are highly popular and the most effective way to let light stream in and create lush garden views. If possible, you could also take your bi-folds to the next level – literally – with gable windows above to maximise the height of the room.

Use glass doors

If you’d like to keep heat in but want that open plan feel, choose glass doors internally or externally. Glass not only lets light through but reflects light to make spaces feel larger. Even using glass for a clear pantry or wine chiller can make your bespoke kitchen feel lighter and more spacious.

Add in skylights

Skylights can be added in many types of rooms to create the effect of a higher ceiling and to allow light to stream in even on gloomy days.

Incorporate reflective materials

Worktops that sparkle and shine and accessories that reflect light can help to brighten up your home. Think bright white glossy counters and silver accents to give your home added lustre.

Opt for thin and natural materials

Minimalist designs and thin materials can allow for the light to spread more freely through your kitchen. Using natural materials can also help bring the feel of the outdoors indoors.

Raise your furniture

Units that appear to float can create an illusion of openness and make spaces feel light and airy. Although this contemporary industrial-style kitchen makes use of trendy dark accent colours, it still feels light and refreshing.

Make your splashback into a window

It’s typical to have a window in front of your sink, but if your space allows for it, why not try a glass splashback? This can open up the space and offer fabulous views whilst cooking. It’s easy to clean, too.

Alcove lighting

Even if your room doesn’t allow for additional windows or skylights, we can still help it feel more open and bright with bespoke lighting solutions.

Alcove lighting is a fabulous trick for opening up spaces that feel enclosed with a luxurious, clean and minimalistic feel. Our kitchen, bathroom and bathroom designers can help determine the best placement for alcove or feature lighting.

Bespoke Interiors designs bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms throughout Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and the North East. We are offering a remote design service to continue to provide service to those wishing to refurbish and renovate while practicing safe social distancing. Contact us to discuss your project!

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