October 25, 2022

Decorex is an annual interior design ‘fashion show’ that highlights the top industry trends in interiors. It was held in London this October and featured a showcase of some of the most luxurious designs in home styling.

Here are some of the most prominent interior themes that were on trend at Decorex 2022:

Interiors inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement

The late 19th century and early 20th century’s Arts and Crafts movement is having a revival, with bold, colourful prints and floral patterns adorning interiors that look classic and comforting.

Charismatic chandeliers

Modern and elaborate chandeliers are all the rage, with unique designs featuring at the conference in quirky colours and bold formats.

Inspired by nature

Kitchens and living rooms featuring pieces manufactured with natural elements were a highlight at this year’s exhibition, with many designers utilising wood and stone as nature’s guide to their creations. A vast collection of dark timber furniture and hardware made of materials like tiger’s eye and jade were on display.

Other highlights from Decorex 2022 included 1920s inspiration, multifunctional spaces incorporating home offices, unique and clever storage design, and ideas for bespoke home design.


Bespoke Interiors specialises in designing custom kitchens, bedrooms and studies in Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham and throughout the North East. Our bespoke manufactured furniture and interiors are custom made for each client, with an unlimited choice of colours, designs and styles. Get in touch to discuss your next interior project or visit our Newcastle showroom for inspiration! 

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