September 15, 2023

We’re always on the lookout for the latest interior design trends, and one of the bolder fads knocking about is colour drenching. Let’s take a look at how this aesthetic can transform your home!

Colour drenching is when every aspect of your room is painted the same colour – walls, the ceiling, woodwork, architraves, skirting, and radiators. It sounds intense, and it can be, yet the technique can also be simplistic because the effect can remove harsh lines from the space, making the room feel larger.

By colour drenching a room, you don’t notice the edges of the space, resulting in a softer and more comfortable feel. The trend works with both dark shades, which can create a cosy and romantic aesthetic, or light hues, which open up the room and make it feel light and airy.

Here are some colour drenching examples:

The floor, walls, and ceiling in this luxury kitchen are the same light shade, making the space feel succinct, bright, and spacious.

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You could take a step further and integrate the same colour furniture and décor as the walls and ceiling, which can create an even more striking statement. The choice of colour can totally create a new mood for your space!

Colour drenched white walls and ceilings complement this bold black kitchen island in this modern farmhouse kitchen that we designed, manufactured, and installed.

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The Farmhouse 4


Are you imagining redesigning your kitchen, bedroom or home office with a colour drenching theme? We’d love to hear your ideas! Get in touch with Bespoke Interiors to arrange an appointment in your home or visit our Newcastle showroom for more inspiration.


Bespoke Interiors designs, manufactures, and installs custom kitchens, bespoke bedrooms and home offices throughout Newcastle, the North East, Durham, and Northumberland. 

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