November 21, 2021

Have you considered everything but the kitchen sink for your kitchen redesign? There are loads of options available and many ways to fit your kitchen sink, and it’s a vital part of how smooth it will be to cook, clean, and live in your new kitchen. Here are some ideas for choosing the best sink for your kitchen:

Ways to fit a kitchen sink

There are three primary ways to fit a kitchen sink into your worktops, and each have their own pros and cons:

Drop-in sinks

Drop-in or top-mounted kitchen sinks are inserted into a hole within the worktop, which is the most popular style. This works with most types of worktops and looks seamless. The only downside can be that the exposed edge of the sink may trap bits of food or be slightly difficult to clean.

Undermounted sinks

This style of sink looks similar to a top-mounted sink but is fitted below the worktop so that not edges of the sink will be above the counter. It gives a seamless feel to your kitchen worktops, but requires a strong and watertight work surface to stand the last of time.

Integrated kitchen sinks

High end kitchens will often feature integrated sinks, which are moulded from the same material as the worktop. This creates a sleek look and makes it very easy to clean. Choose a worktop in Corian or Dekton to benefit from an integrated sink.

Kitchen sink materials

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a material for your sink. Here, we compare the most typical options:

Stainless steel sinks

Ever popular stainless steel sinks are durable and affordable – just keep in mind that they can easily be scratched.

Ceramic kitchen sinks

Traditional ceramic sinks give a great farmhouse vibe and will last the test of time. Choose a deep basin ceramic sink for an elegant feel that will allow you to clean large pans and pair with Shaker cabinets. Just make sure to clean the sink frequently to prevent stains.

Copper kitchen sinks 

Copper is fast becoming a trendy material in kitchen designs. Its natural antimicrobial properties resist bacteria more effectively than stainless steel, so it’s a perfect choice for your sink, tap and worktop.

These are just a couple of examples of ways to fit sinks and materials that are available – in reality, the options are limitless when you work with an expert kitchen designer like the team at Bespoke Interiors.

Get in touch to discuss other options and to get started designing your new kitchen or bedroom!

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