January 22, 2024

Butcher blocks are a practical and visually appealing aspect of bespoke kitchens, giving you a dedicated place to chop fruit and veg and drawing the eye in to a sophisticated focal point in the room.

So, what are the pros and cons of choosing to include a butcher block in your kitchen design?

butcher block kitchen

Dedicated workspace

A butcher block provides an accessible place for chopping, prepping, and it can even be made to place hot pots and pans on. This makes for a versatile cooking experience and gives you a consistent space for preparation.

Butcher blocks are installed permanently, so if you find that you have chosen the wrong place to suit your cooking style or if you require more counter space that is being taken up by the butcher block, you may find that it is not right for you. You could also opt for dedicated spaces for replaceable chopping boards like in this custom kitchen design:

bespoke cutting board kitchen design

Bespoke Interiors can help advise you on the right type of wood and placement for your butcher block to ensure you are satisfied with it!

Aesthetically pleasing

Including a butcher block in your custom kitchen design can add a Farmhouse feel to a modern kitchen and provide a natural element in a traditional kitchen.

The luxury kitchen item can also upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetic and showcase your talents as a home chef!

Butcher blocks can be made from a variety of hardwoods, like cherry, maple, and oak, so you can choose a wood that complements the design and colour scheme of your bespoke kitchen.

butcher blocks newcastle

Butcher block maintenance

Butcher blocks should last for around 20 years, and they don’t actually require much maintenance! Since they are made for chopping, the wood should be resistant to knife marks or scratches. Simply wipe the block down with warm water and washing up liquid after use.

Eventually, you may find that you’d like to re-oil the surface of your butcher block to keep it smooth and polished. Sand it lightly with soft sandpaper and oil the surface using a food-grade mineral oil.

For any questions about butcher block maintenance after we have installed one in your kitchen, get in touch with our team of designers who can advise on the best maintenance style for your design.


Are you in the market for a new kitchen featuring a butcher block? Contact our team of designers to arrange an appointment in your home or in our Newcastle workshop!

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