July 30, 2021

For those who are lucky to have the space for a utility room, the area can provide the room for storage, tidying, and hobbies. Creating a bespoke designed utility room can be a game changer and help to declutter your home and optimise efficiency.

Here are some ideas for designing the most effective and aesthetic ‘beautility’ room:

Add in a laundry station

The washing never seems to end, but by curating a bespoke laundry station in your utility room, you can avoid having drying racks in plain sight and can separate the chores from your relaxing time at home.

Design a space in your utility room to cater for all of your washing needs: install washers and dryers underneath bespoke units that feature plenty of countertop space for folding clothes, include a cupboard for your ironing board, clothes airers and detergents, and make space for laundry baskets.

Add in a sink for handwashing clothes or for any cleaning that you’d rather not do in your kitchen.

And don’t forget to use the wall space in the utility room – shelves or units above your appliances and worktops will create plenty of storage, just as they would in a kitchen.

Dog wash areas

We all love our furry friends, but they can create a real mess. Adding a dog wash area in your utility room can help minimise the dirt they typically bring into your home and can be a great way to pamper your pet.

We designed this lovely dog wash station for one of our clients:

A place for plants

House plants are a great way to bring nature indoors, but gardening in your home can be a bit dirty – literally! Turning your utility room into an oasis for plants can keep the dirt at bay and allow you to have the space to nurture and grow a lovely indoor garden. A large, butler style sink can help with watering plants and other mucky chores that you’d rather not do in your kitchen.

Extra storage

Declutter your entryway with a utility room that boasts a coat cupboard and shoe storage. Hide away bits and bobs like seasonal items and bulky winter coats in bespoke fitted wardrobes and include a space to keep your family’s outdoor objects like camping gear, picnic blankets and toys.

An extra fridge or freezer can also help with hosting large gatherings or just storing food that may not fit in your kitchen!

Are you interested in help with designing the perfect utility room? Get in touch with our design team to discuss your project!

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