April 29, 2020

Bathroom and Bedroom Showroom Refurb

Our Newcastle Showroom just got bigger!

At Bespoke Interiors, we have an extensive range of kitchen displays that show our clients the type of work we do but we’ve always struggled for space to show what we can do with bathrooms, bedrooms and walk in wardrobes.

Last year we made the decision to extend our showroom and add a 1st floor and make this floor our bathroom and bedroom showroom. This exciting new space gives us the opportunity to install 4 new bedroom displays, 2 new walk in wardrobe displays, a study and 4 new bathrooms.

Although the end result will certainly have the WOW factor, there is the frustrating period whilst the work is ongoing and we have little to show people in terms of bathrooms and bedrooms in the mean time.

So…..we thought it would be helpful to write a weekly blog to give a progress report on how the work is coming along.

It all started in mid December with taking down the existing ceiling and having steel fabricators install the mezzanine deck


There was a lot of work to do once the steel was in place. A new ceiling to be fitted underneath and the showroom on the ground floor needed to be put back together.

We now had a floor to design our new first floor bedroom and bathroom showroom

For the past few weeks we have been installing the stud work to form the rooms and ceilings and plastering the space

This last week we have started to fit out some of the displays so we’re starting to see a real change and the end is in sight!

We’re estimating another 4 weeks until the showroom refurbishment is complete but there will be bathrooms and bedrooms to see by next weekend. We’re really excited to have the place finished and hoping to give our clients ideas and inspiration

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on our progress and we’ll have another update for you next week

Remember, we’re still designing and installing bathrooms and bedrooms while this work is ongoing so please come down to the showroom if we can help you in the mean time!

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