August 16, 2022

Barkitecture: the latest interior trend

Coming home to be greeted by your furry friends is one of the best feelings, and your pets are a comforting part of your home. That’s why ‘barkitecture’ has become one of the most searched-for terms when it comes to designing homes!

Barkitecture is the term for incorporating spaces in your home that cater to pets. In the last year, searches on Pinterest for phrases like ‘cat house design,’ ‘luxury cat room,’ and ‘luxury dog room’ have increased rapidly.

Here are some ideas for utilising barkitecture in your home design:

Utility rooms with facilities for your dog

Design a space that incorporates a dog wash station to clean up those mussy paws after a long walk with your dog. This can help to keep the rest of your house tidy and can include an area to store pet accessories like leads, blankets, and dog toys.

Add a shower station that can work as a dual use for washing your dog as well as other outdoor items like muddy wellies and gardening tools.

Bespoke beds for dogs or cats

If you’re handy at DIY, you could build a comfortable space for your dog or cat to sleep. Reuse old furniture to design your own custom pet bed that can go in your living room or bedroom and give your furry friend their own special place to rest – saving your couches or beds from being covered in hair.

Create a custom area for pet food or litter boxes

Having dedicated, hidden areas for dog bowls and litter boxes can help declutter your house and tidy up your kitchen or utility room. Consider designing your home with a hidden utility room where you can hide away food bowls and litter boxes so that your guests won’t have to step over them or smell any unpleasant odours.

Bespoke Interiors specialises in designing luxury kitchens, utility rooms, storage solutions and bedrooms. We’d love to discuss your creative ideas for bespoke interiors – get in touch to get started on your next project!  

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