March 28, 2022

A fresh cup of coffee is a thing of dreams first thing in the morning, but as a budding home barista or simple coffee drinker it’s easy to clutter the kitchen sides and cupboards with all your hot beverage ingredients and devices.

Bespoke coffee stations are becoming a staple in kitchens and are a sure-fire way to streamline your mornings – as well as impress those who come round for a spot of afternoon tea.

You can alter your coffee station to suit your taste – from traditional farmhouse style to modernist chic gadgetry, there’s something for everyone.

A recent internet trend revealed the desire of enjoying three drinks at a time: one to stay caffeinated, another to stay hydrated and a third to simply enjoy. If this sounds like your cup of tea, a day-to-night coffee station could be a welcome addition to your home.

Mix up the fun of a colourful tipple cabinet with a day-to-day coffee station filled with all your favourite tea, coffees, and hot chocolates.

Can’t espresso how much you love Nespresso? How about with a custom pod draw for underneath your beloved coffee machine? This bespoke design features a stunning, classic darker wood which complements the theme of the coffee station.

However, coffee stations don’t have to be dark – you can think bright and beautiful like this duck egg blue and light wood combo. Lighter colour cabinets are perfect for those who want to open a room. This design is fantastic for an organisation addict, simply shut the doors and your coffee station is hidden!

Do you like to show off your barista skills? Don’t hide your coffee station, display all your fancy ingredients with an open coffee station. Are you partial to an Irish coffee? Don’t hide away your liquors, they can be a welcome addition – it’s always five-o-clock somewhere.

Selecting a bespoke coffee station allows you to customise your cabinet to fit your home. If you have an annoying unused space in the kitchen, bespoke carpentry offers curved cabinets and space saving techniques to allow you to use your space to the fullest!

There are no limitations when it comes to designing your caffeination station, and we can bring all of your ideas to life.  Get in touch to discuss what you’d like us to design and we will make your interior dreams come true. 

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