January 10, 2023

Choosing the layout, colour, and details for the cabinetry in your kitchen is one of the most significant decisions for homeowners, which is why many decide to work with a bespoke furniture manufacturer who can provide the perfect custom design for their space.

When you design a kitchen with Bespoke Interiors, the options are almost limitless when it comes to the shape, colour, and style of your kitchen doors. Here is some inspiration from our previous projects that feature luxurious custom cabinetry:

Cabinets with luxury hardware

There are endless options for handles in your bespoke kitchen, and the choice you make can create a significant impact to the look and feel of your kitchen. Make a statement with glamorous hardware like the stunning brass used in this blue and white kitchen.

Custom glass cabinet displays

Incorporate unique and decorative designs into your cabinetry to create a sophisticated place to display and store glassware and décor.

Use a mirrored backdrop and bespoke lighting to add dimension to your display like in this glamorous kitchen island.

Custom storage solutions

Your bespoke kitchen will not only be beautiful, it can also be much more practical than standard off-the-shelf designs. We can configure creative storage solutions like this storage rack to make cooking even more enjoyable!

Go handleless

Your kitchen can be sleek and clean with handleless drawers like this Scandinavian style kitchen that features soft whites and natural wood tones.

Choose gloss

Add a bit of shine to your kitchen with white gloss cabinets that will brighten up the space and make cleaning a breeze.

…Or matt

The soft blues of this cosy contemporary kitchen give it a calming and elegant feel.

Whatever configuration and style of kitchen cabinets you can imagine, our team can design it. Simply get in touch to arrange a free consultation in your own home or visit our Newcastle kitchen showroom to speak to a designer about your ideas!



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