January 16, 2024

4 Rules for Creating a Luxurious and Elegant Bedroom

Looking to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven? Bespoke Interiors designs, manufactures, and installs luxury fitted bedrooms that are unique to your needs throughout Newcastle, the North East, Durham, and Northumberland.

Your bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in your home, so it only makes sense that it deserves your utmost attention. Whether you want to redecorate or start from scratch, we have 4 basic rules for creating the most elegant space:

1.     The bed is the key element of your bedroom decor

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Think of your bed as the focus element and build around it. Whether it’s the position of furniture or the styling of your bedroom, the bed is the first piece of furniture you should decide on.

Once you’ve made your selection, begin shaping your space around it, starting with your bedside tables and the wall behind your bed and slowly working your way through the room.

If you have unused space in front of your bed, consider adding an accent sofa. Not only does this provide you with a cosy reading nook, but it also introduces a striking design element to your sanctuary.

2.     Choose bedside drawers with bling!

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Bedside tables are a very essential piece of bedroom furniture and as mentioned in the previous rule, right after choosing your bed you should choose your bedside tables.

Select nightstands with a touch of lavishness, such as sparking accents, mirrored drawers, reflective hardware, or crystal handles to infuse an elegant flair into your space.  You would be surprised how something so subtle can bring everything together.

Maintain a clutter-free surface on your nightstand, decorating it with books and a fancy lamp to evoke a boutique-like atmosphere.

3.     Harmonise your colour palette

Maintaining a cohesive colour palette is a paramount rule when designing an elegant bedroom. Strive to achieve a harmonious balance between two dominant colours that will be used for your larger furniture pieces and a few complementary colours for the smaller details and linen.

4.     Organisation and customisation

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Luxury bedrooms are no place for clutter, so investing in practical yet stylish bespoke storage solutions that blend in with the décor is essential.

We can design custom built-in wardrobes and innovative storage solutions for your bedside tables, hidden drawers, or storage with specially designed pull-out devices and inventive cabinetry that will elevate your design.


Our experienced team can help you find the perfect balance between intimacy and elegance, functionality and glamour, without one element dominating over another.

Get in touch with Bespoke Interiors to arrange an appointment to discuss your new custom bedroom at our Newcastle showroom or in your home!

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