January 3, 2022

A recent report from Dynata entitled Global Consumer Trends: New Lives in a New World surveyed over 11,000 consumers across 11 countries to create an overview of how the pandemic has changed people’s outlook about living, working, and life’s priorities.

Here is an overview of how the ‘new world’ might look in 2022 and how it could impact ways in which time is spent at home:

Working from home in 2022

71% of employed people think their working lives will be more like today than pre-pandemic conditions, including continuing to work from home. This is especially true in the UK, where 54% of people are still working remotely today.

More and more people are incorporating a dedicated home office into the design of their home, and it’s now a valuable investment that could increase the worth of your property.

The kitchen remains the heart of the home

Even after almost two years of being confined to the house, people are still enjoying time in the kitchen, cooking meals together and experimenting with recipes. According to the survey, 64% of people said they would like to spend more time cooking at home in 2022.

The kitchen is the most used room in most homes, and it’s important for families to feel that they have a functional, practical, and comfortable kitchen. According to Houzz, searches for ‘kitchen designers’ surged by 199% on their platform during 2021.

Investing in homes

After all this time at home, people are feeling committed to making their house a home. In the survey, 1/3 of consumers say the pandemic inspired them to spend more money on home improvements and furnishings.

Comfortable spaces, practical kitchens and home offices are some of the top priorities in 2022.

Precious time with loved ones

The uncertainty of today’s world has made everyone realise the importance of spending time with their loved ones. 75% of people in the survey said they would like to dedicate more time spending with their immediate family members, and 10% decided they would like to own a pet!

This new year is shaping up to be the year of home improvements, enjoying meals together and making your house a home. We’re looking forward to beginning new projects to help design bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and other custom home designs for families in 2022. Get in touch to start designing your dream home!

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