Roundup: ideas for kitchen backsplashes

There are many, many aspects of a kitchen renovation to consider, especially when you are beginning a bespoke kitchen project. One of the most eye-catching spots in your kitchen is the backsplash, which is typically behind the hob but can also span full walls.

Here are some ideas and examples for different styles and materials we have used for custom kitchen backsplashes:

Traditional tile kitchen backsplashes

Choose bright tile for a traditional look for your backsplash. Tile is easy to clean and invokes a sense of pattern to liven up this small yet important space in your kitchen.

Green is a highly popular colour in the kitchen as it represents nature and food.

This stunning black and white tile backsplash pops out to give this traditional kitchen a modern vibe.

We can supply endless types and colours of tile for your backsplash, as well as for other parts of your kitchen and your bathroom.

Or choose a less traditional backsplash and request a custom one!

Bespoke Interiors can design any style of kitchen you can imagine, so if you’re looking to create a sort of feature wall in your kitchen, get in touch to discuss a bespoke, luxury kitchen backsplash like this one.

Glass backsplashes

A modern option for homeowners is a sleek, clean glass kitchen backsplash. This can reflect extra light around the room and is an easy-to-clean option.

Alternatively, you can choose opaque glass if you’d like the backsplash to remain the same colour as the walls in your kitchen.

Granite backsplashes

Take the grandeur up a level with a bespoke fitted granite kitchen backsplash. Using the same material and finish as your kitchen counters creates a lovely flow throughout the room and a glossy granite finish like this one adds light to the space.

We supply many types of custom granite kitchen items in all different finishes and colours, so get in touch to discuss which material and pattern would look and perform best in your custom kitchen.

For example, this feature granite backsplash adds dimension to the room.

Mirrored backsplashes

Make your kitchen feel larger by opting for a classy mirror kitchen backsplash. Wow your dinner guests by showing off your cooking skills times-two in a mirrored backsplash.

Mirrored backsplash designs are a great way to add a modern feel to a traditional kitchen.

We’d love to discuss your ideas and help you bring your dream bespoke kitchen to life. Dream big with completely bespoke, luxury kitchens from Bespoke Interiors.

Our bespoke kitchen designs are brought to life in Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham and throughout the North East of England and we are currently operating a remote design service until we can reopen our showroom.